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  • Date : Mon Feb 10, 2020
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Generating income from government assets is in line with Resistance Economy objectives
The project of generating income from government assets was approved in 1394 (2015) as one of the projects of the Ministry of Economy in order to achieve the objectives of the general policies of the Resistance Economy and has been ongoing since the beginning of 1395 (Mar. 20, 2016), the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance stated at the third meeting of young economic experts.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Speaking at the meeting held in the Ministry of Economy, Farhad Dejpasand said: Generating income from government assets has various aspects, including the rule of financial discipline in government spending and enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of government assets.

Generating income from government assets also includes the assets of various branches of the country, the Minister of Economy reiterated.

The Ministry of Economy's bill on generating income from government assets is under development and we hope that it will be submitted to the Cabinet by the end of this year, Dejpasand said, adding: Economists and scholars are requested to submit their advisory opinions on the bill to the Ministry of Economy through the Interactive Network of Young Economists of Iran (econet).

We believe that just as the cession of government property for the purpose of generating income must be done in a transparent and highly competitive environment, the valuation and pricing of government assets must be competitive, he noted.

In another part of his speech, Dejpasand said: Meetings with young economic experts and the interactive network of young economic analysts are bilateral meetings aimed at utilizing the capacity of the country's young elites to enrich economic policy-making.

I appreciate the serious involvement of the young experts in the last few months and their effective criticism, comments and suggestions in influencing the policy making and decision making of the various departments of the Ministry of Economy, and I hope that this process will continue more seriously with more effective interaction, he stated.

I would like to thank the activities of the media community, especially the national media, for creating the culture and the dissemination of information that have so far provided the content of such meetings, the Minister of Economy said.

Undoubtedly, without the cooperation of the media, one cannot achieve complete success in creating the appropriate culture and using elite capacities in economic policy making, he stressed.

The Minister of Economy further stated that in order to disconnect the government from oil revenues, a fundamental change must be made in the structure of the entire state budget and government revenues, adding: In addition, one of the most important measures is financial oversight of government spending that has helped to improve the country's spending structure and can minimize the need for oil resources.

Dejpasand described the City of Hope Project as an example of generating income from government assets and said: The issue has been pursued by the Ministry of Economy to generate income from the assets of Sepah Bank, and last week the City of Hope Project Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Bank Sepah as Land Owner and Bank Maskan as Project Financing Provider.

Obviously, the implementation of this project will generate significant demand for the housing-related industries and, on the other hand, increase the supply of housing, he added.

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