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  • Date : Sat Feb 15, 2020
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The capital market grew by more than 140 percent this year
The Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance described the performance and achievements of the Ministry of Economy in a live news program on the occasion of Fajr decade of the Islamic Revolution.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- In order to prevent the growth of liquidity, we have not borrowed from the central bank in adjusting the total budget of the country, but we have used bonds, corporate bonds and other instruments, Farhad Dejpasand said.

In the first nine months of this year, 54% of the banking system's facilities were allocated to the working capital of manufacturing units, he added.

As to generating income from assets and the cession of the state-owned properties, the Minister of Economy said: The necessary authority to realize the income of about 50 trillion tomans from the sale of assets and the cession of state-owned companies in the next year's budget law has been obtained from the Parliamentary Integration Commission.

The City of Hope Project, which is being implemented within the framework of the Ministry of Economy's asset-generating program and with the participation of Sepah Bank and Maskan Bank, will be a stimulus for the building industry, he noted.

The Economy Minister also said that one of the reasons for the exchange rate stability this year has been the steering of people's wandering liquidity to the stock market, saying that this year the capital market has grown more than140%.

He further emphasized that the capital market is a safe place for wandering liquidity to finance the manufacturing sector.

The Minister of Economy also advised people to consult with experts to enter the stock market.

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