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  • Date : Mon Apr 13, 2020
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Smart economy can play an important role in the development of the country economy
In the meeting of the deputies and managers of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance with the First Vice President, the Minister stated: Thank God, smart economy programs in the Ministry of Economy are being seriously completed in in the area of taxation, treasury and customs.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Smart economy is the project that some people thought was very ideal at the beginning of the project, but the achievements of this project helped in the days of the coronavirus outbreak and can play an effective role in the development of the country's economy, and I believe that it is a shortcut to the production leap, Farhad Dejpasand said.

The Minister of Economy stated that last year important measures were taken in the field of improving the business environment, such as creating an electronic single window and eliminating unnecessary licenses.

In order to improve the business environment, commercial courts will be set up this year in coordination with the judiciary, he added.

In another part of his speech, Dejpasand said: In generating income from government assets, unused assets are being converted into productive assets, and in this regard, the necessary measures from selling assets to using them is in the agenda of the Ministry of Economy.

The Minister of Economy further pointed to the performance of this ministry in directing wandering liquidity to the capital market in last year, and said: On average, we saw a daily trading volume of up to 13,000 billion tomans. If only 20 percent of that figure went to informal markets, it could have a devastating effect on inflation.

He noted that the Ministry of Economy, with its wide range of tasks and powers, can turn the economy into a lever for the production leap, adding: Last year, we took good steps to finance through the capital market.

We believe that our capital market has the ability to do this, as we have seen, one of the major car companies last year was able to use the capacity of this market to provide working capital, Dejpasand stated.

Following the meeting, the integrated information system of state-owned companies was unveiled by Dr. Jahangiri, First Vice President.

The purpose of setting up the integrated information system for state-owned companies is to create a comprehensive and centralized database to collect and organize information about performance, budget, financial statements, audits, and managers of state-owned companies in order to increase transparency, accountability, monitoring, and evaluation of the performance of state-owned companies, as well as the use of this information in the field of policy-making and preparation and adjustment of the country's economic programs.

In this system, banks, insurance companies and state-owned companies, using a unique username and password, connect to the system, and in addition to uploading or modifying their own information, they participate in the aggregation and integration of information.

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