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  • Date : Sun Apr 19, 2020
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I appreciate the efforts made in the realization of 102 percent of projected tax revenues
In a meeting with the managers of the National Tax Administration, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance of Iran praised the efforts made to realize 102 percent of projected tax revenues in last year.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- In addition to government funding, tax instruments pursue other goals such as achieving income justice and growth and development of the country, regional justice and development of deprived areas, development of the agricultural sector and knowledge-based enterprises, Farhad Dejpasand said.

He praised the valuable efforts made to achieve 102% of projected tax revenue in 1398, which indicates a 33% growth in revenue compared to the previous year, and considered this move as a good record and said: It is hoped that with the development of knowledge, will, and seriousness of colleagues, we will see another record in this field this year.

Stating that this year is the year of production leap, Dejpasand said: The orientation of tax policies should be in line with the production leap, i.e. tax policies should be adjusted in such a way that economic activists and productive businesses are more interested in production, and the liquidity in the country's economy should be directed to the financing of production and investment in the implementation of productive projects.

Pointing to the policy of collecting taxes in accordance with the principles, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance stressed the need to observe the taxpayers' situation in the country's coronavirus conditions.

Good measures have been taken to provide tax support to economic actors and businesses affected by the outbreak of coronavirus, and this process should be continued in an appropriate manner, he continued.

Stating that the smartening of the tax system will eventually lead to the empowerment of the tax administration and the achievement of macroeconomic goals in the field of government financing, he said the smartening of the tax system is one of the important plans of the Ministry of Economy.

Accelerating the smart tax system is important because not only will the activities of economic actors and taxpayers become more transparent, but production costs will be reduced and the profits of economic actors will increase, which in itself will be a new source of tax revenue, Dejpasand added.

In a situation where the country is facing various restrictions from the enemies, including economic sanctions, the success of the tax system in achieving tax goals is a clear sign of appropriate policies and measures as well as the successful efforts of colleagues in the country's tax system, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance emphasized.

He further said that one of these measures was to forgive tax crimes, as a result of which, about 10 thousand billion tomans of tax deferrals were collected.

Pointing to the country's tax capacity and good level of knowledge and strong will of the colleagues of the Tax Administration, the Minister of Economy said it is expected that the colleagues of the Tax Administration will use smart and effective strategies to identify tax evasion, expand tax bases, and increase the voluntary obedience of taxpayers.

During the meeting, the head of the National Tax Administration outlined the performance and actions of his organization in last year, explained the most important plans of the National Tax Administration in New Year.

He added that a smart tax administration, which includes smart managers, smart processes and even smart taxpayers, leads to an integrated database system and ultimately voluntary obedience of taxpayers and efficient and fair collection of tax revenues.

In the end, the head of the Tax Administration said: The road map of the country's Tax Administration is the transition from e.tax to i.tax, and in the near future we will move from a centralized integrated system to a semi-centralized integrated system.

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