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  • Date : Wed May 06, 2020
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Capital market and money market are not rivals, but complementary
A meeting to review the opportunities for using capital market capacity to finance enterprises and the private sector was held with the participation of members of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture and economic activists chaired by Dr. Farhad Dejpasand, Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- In his speech at the meeting, Farhad Dejpasand said: In order to achieve the production leap, more effective steps must be taken to diversify the economic financing system; with the measures taken last year, we managed to finance 275 thousand billion tomans for manufacturing enterprises through the capital market.

Fortunately, we are working in a government that has experience in realizing the single-digit unemployment rate in its history, he said, adding: Based on my observations in the provinces, I know that access to high growth rates and single-digit unemployment is achievable, and I think we need to develop these successful provincial models for the whole country.

Dejpasand stated that in order to achieve the production leap, we need at least one thousand thousand billion tomans of investment by the government, the public sector and the private sector in the capital market, and said: Of course, in my opinion, today our capital market has reached the ability to count on it.

At today's meeting, I realized that the representatives of almost all the companies present are willing to be listed on the stock exchange and the capital market, but they have refused to submit a request due to concerns about the prolongation of the process, the Minister of Economy said.

My point with this group of friends is to submit their application because on the one hand, we believe that there is enough capacity to review applications in the Admission Council, and on the other hand, we say that until the applications are not submitted, the possible weaknesses of the council's performance will not be identified and we will not be able to take action to correct them, he added.

This year, with the permission of the Supreme Leader and his order to release the Justice Shares, 400 thousand billion tomans were added to the value of the capital market, and this figure will increase further b using the capacity of ETF and shares of state-owned enterprises during this year, Dejpasand continued.

Emphasizing that public-private partnership can help us in the production leap, the Minister of Economy said: Today, the world is using the method of participation to solve many problems, and in my opinion, not only the private sector, but also the government should enter into partnership with the private sector.

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