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  • Date : Wed May 06, 2020
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I thank the Supreme Leader for agreeing to release the Justice Shares
The Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance attended last night's special news talk show on the Second Channel of the Islamic Republic of Iran, on the subject of how to transfer government shares through the Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) and the release of Justice Shares, and thanked the Supreme Leader for his wise decision to release the Justice Shares.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- In the first phase of the transfer, over 23,000 billion tomans of the remaining government shares will be transferred to the people through the sale of investment units of the First Financial Intermediary Fund with a 20% discount, and the amount of shares awarded to each person will depend on their participation in this call, Farhad Dejpasand said.

In the face of sanctions and the experience of a budget without oil in the true sense of the word, and at the same time with the hardships of the Corona epidemic and when we can't leave the budget and borrow from the central bank, handing over government shares in listed companies is the best action that, in addition to financing the government, also reduces the size of the government, involves the people in the economy, and improves efficiency, he added.

The Islamic Consultative Assembly in the Budget Law of 1399 allowed the government, in a long period of time, to manage the investment funds traded on the stock exchange, the purpose of which is to simultaneously involve the general public and stock market activists and reduce risk for buyers, the Minister of Economy added.

He said that the best type of privatization is privatization that is not based on the main purpose of financing, but for greater efficiency and facilitation of the people in governing the economy: With this approach, we are handing over government assets to the public and the private sector.

In another part of the conversation, the Minister of Economy talked about the release of Justice Shares and said: The release of Justice Shares is important in two aspects in the current situation; One is that in the face of the crisis caused by Coronavirus, the release of Justice Shares can be considered an opening in the affairs of the people, and on the other hand that in the current situation of the capital market and the rise of the country's stock market indicators, it can cause the market to deepen and prosper as much as possible.

Regarding the capital market's capacity to attract people, he said: Currently, one hundred people receive a stock exchange code every day, and this figure will increase to one million stock market codes per day in the next two weeks by strengthening the infrastructure that is being implemented.

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