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  • Date : Sun May 17, 2020
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We hope at least one large private sector company will offer shares on the stock exchange every week
Farhad Dejpasand emphasized the need to achieve acceptable economic growth and praised the seriousness and enthusiasm of the private sector to join the stock market and said: We hope that at least one large private sector company will offer its shares on the stock exchange every week based on a well-written plan.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- In the 94th session of the Government-Private Sector Dialogue Council, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance said: Fortunately, in terms of supporting the private sector in the Corona situation, we were ahead of all other sectors, and when we proposed the tax deferral of taxpayers affected by Corona, this issue had not yet become very serious, and even the Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, the Iran Chamber of Cooperatives, and Chamber of Guilds submitted their proposals a week later.

In another part of his speech, he pointed to the conditions caused by the Corona crisis in the country's economy and said: The measures taken by the government and the cooperation of the private sector with other organizations caused us to get an acceptable score in many areas.

The Minister of Economy further emphasized on the necessity of realizing the production leap this year and said: At least one thousand thousand billion tomans of investment is needed to realize the production leap, which the public, private and cooperative sectors should play a synergistic role in this important matter.

He noted that due to the importance of post-Corona economic management in order to achieve the economic leap, it is expected that specific proposals from private sector activists will be made in this regard, and the Secretariat of the Government-Private Sector Dialogue Council should collect and analyze suggestions.

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