• time : 11:8:6
  • Date : Sun May 17, 2020
  • news code : 193707
Minister of Economy announced the amendment of the procedure for receiving the economic code
The Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance ordered the National Tax Administration to eliminate the face-to-face visits and receiving physical documents from taxpayers with the aim of improving the business environment and facilitating the process of registering taxpayers in the tax system.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- The Minister of Economy's directive states that all the information required by the National Tax Administration to allocate the economic code to legal entities must be received electronically from the Real Estate Registration Organization of Iran and the competent authorities.

Also, according to this directive, for natural persons, registration should be done immediately by receiving information from the licensing authorities or after registering in the National Tax Administration system.

According to the provisions of this directive, the national ID will be issued for legal entities as an economic code, and for individuals subject to Article (2) of the Law and Business Owners, an economic code will be issued using their national ID after registration.

As long as no new economic code has been issued to persons subject to Article (2) of the Law and Business Owners, the national ID, civil partnership ID and special number of foreign persons will be used, as the case may be.

It should be noted that these two measures can significantly improve the time spent on starting a business in the country, which is one of the sub-indicators of the Ease of Doing Business index.

In this regard, according to World Bank estimates, the average time required to start a business in the country is estimated at 72.5 days, which is expected to be reduced to 15.5 days.

In the instructions issued by the head of the National Tax Administration to facilitate the performance of tax affairs, the issuance of VAT registration certificate is canceled and registration in the system is considered as the VAT certificate. Previous registrations are also considered final registration. In this registration, it is only necessary for the taxpayer to select the option of eligibility for the VAT system in the tax registration system. Also, in cases where further information is received from the relevant authorities for the establishment or issuance of an activity license, the registration will be done automatically.

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