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  • Date : Sun May 31, 2020
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Virtual education will be strengthened in the insurance industry
Focusing on the core issues of the insurance industry is a strategic perspective that can play a key role in generalizing and increasing the penetration rate of insurance, Soleimani, head of the Central Insurance of Iran, said.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Speaking to the members of the Strategic Council for Education and Testing in the Insurance Industry, Soleimani said: The Insurance Research Institute, with a correct understanding of the nature of research, has reduced its educational activities and focused on problem-oriented sectors.

The Head of Central Insurance said that changing the educational approach in the Insurance Research Institute is a professional and progressive move and stated: The main mission of the Insurance Research Institute is to review, explain and provide solutions for the insurance industry that must be pursued with special seriousness and sensitivity.

Stating that the Insurers' Union and professional insurance associations are the powerful arms of the insurance industry, he said: Strengthening financial and technical supervision in the insurance industry is actually a kind of planning for the growth and development of this industry, some of which requires outsourcing.

Soleimani considered the type of supervision, its quality and process to be of special importance and stated: The Strategic Council for Education and Testing can develop a new generation in the industry with coherent planning and careful policy-making.

Noting that about 70,000 agencies and 120,000 workers are directly involved in the insurance industry, the head of the Supreme Insurance Council said: The insurance industry has its own attractions and therefore, in addition to requesting the establishment of new companies, knowledge-based companies and start-ups pay special attention to activities in this industry.

He stressed the importance of institutionalizing internships and practical training in the insurance industry, saying that the insurance profession is not limited to theoretical foundations and that skilled workers must have acceptable experience in the practical field.

He noted the readiness of countries in the region for insurance education exchanges and said: Despite the imposed sanctions, the insurance industry can become a credible authority in the Middle East, depending on its presence in international forums and the development of up-to-date training.

Soleimani cited the spread of coronavirus as one of the feasibility studies to strengthen the educational approach from traditional to virtual, noting that the discussion of virtual education in the insurance industry has been going on for years, but in recent months it has gained more momentum due to existing needs.

The generalization of the insurance industry goes through the simplification of its concepts. Fortunately, with the planning done, in addition to implementing the Insurance Bell in Schools project, insurance courses will also be taught in schools.

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