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  • Date : Sun Feb 09, 2020
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Iran exports reach 115 million tons
Mirashrafi, the head of Iran Customs Administration says that the country's exports reached 115 million tons, which is 4 times the weight of the imports.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- The RKC Convention is a revised Kyoto Convention that has been approved by Parliament, Mehdi Mirasharafi said at the Government and Private Sector Dialogue Council of Markazi province, adding that the sanctions led to the implementation of this convention, resulting in remarkable export performance.

Since the beginning of this year imports to the country have been 28 million tons, 85% of which includes raw materials and machinery of the production line, while imports of basic goods have also seen a 20% growth over the same period last year, he continued.

The head of the country's customs administration said: Markazi province has achieved a good ranking in exports with $1 billion.

Most of the customs authority has been delegated to the provinces and there are currently 22 custom offices in Markazi province, Mirasharafi noted.

He further said that allocation of appropriate credit will expand the customs space of Markazi province to resolve the problem of lack of space in this province.

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