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  • Date : Mon May 18, 2020
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Iran, Pakistan discuss ways to solve border and customs problems
Iran, Pakistan discuss ways to solve border and customs problems

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Mehdi Mirashrafi, Head of Iran Customs Administration, said: I hope that Coronavirus disease will disappear soon and our trade relations at the borders will improve.

There are many cultural commonalities between Iran and Pakistan, and in trade relations with its neighbors, Iran attaches great importance to Pakistan, he added.

We believe that the level of exchanges can increase even more. Considering the large markets of Iran and Pakistan, the volume of trade can be increased to $20 billion, and with good customs relations can increase the level of relations, Mirashrafi continued.

In the past two months, more than 500 trucks have been waiting to enter Pakistan at the Mirjavah border. Fortunately, a number of trucks have temporarily entered Pakistan in recent days, but there are still problems, he said.

We are ready to normalize the border between the two countries in Mirjavah and Taftan by implementing health protocols at the borders, and if the borders are opened completely, the trade between the two countries will improve and reach 100 trucks a day, even if it is not possible to normalize the entry and exit process at the borders, Mirashrafi continued.

Considering the signing of the Customs Information Exchange Protocol in February 2020, as well as the specialized meetings held last year and the executive program on how to exchange information, it is hoped that with your follow-up, the online exchange of customs information will be provided, the Head of Iran Customs Administration added.

During the meeting, Mohammad Javed Ghani, Head of Pakistan's Customs Administration, said: There are many similarities between Iran and Pakistan, and it is hoped that communication and cooperation will increase.

Due to the Coronavirus, clearance of goods and trade at Pakistan's customs borders with other countries has faced difficulties. We currently have limited interaction with all countries at all borders, so that with Afghanistan, there is only a few days of exchange of goods on the two existing borders, he stated.

Currently, a limited number of trucks pass through Taftan Customs every day. This is the decision of the National Headquarters in the Government of Pakistan, but I am reporting the content of today's talks to higher officials to increase this number, he added.

Once the Coronavirus is gone, we are ready to open our border customs with Iran 24 hours a day, but now we can operate on a limited basis, and I will convey your request to higher authorities so that we can act on the new decisions, Mohammad Javed Ghani said.

We agree with the electronic exchange because it makes the work faster and easier. Electronic Tir between the two countries should also be implemented, and we agree that border customs managers should have regular meetings for further cooperation and information exchange, he stressed.

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