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  • Date : Wed May 20, 2020
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Iran, Georgia to expand customs cooperation
The heads of Iran and Georgia Customs discussed the outlines of new customs cooperation between the two countries.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- The signing of cooperation documents in the fields of e-TIR, exchange of statistical information and educational topics were the most important issues discussed in this meeting, which was held in the form of a video conference.

Mehdi Mirashrafi, Head of Iran Customs Administration, said: Due to the expansion of Georgia's commercial infrastructure and the country's national railway network and its proximity to Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia, Georgia's land borders could be an alternative route for transit to European countries.

According to the negotiations held at the tripartite meeting of Iran, Azerbaijan and Georgia in Ardabil, we are ready to sign the e-TIR document and also the memorandum of understanding for the exchange of statistical information with Georgia, he added.

Pointing to Iran's interest in increasing the level of trade with Georgia, he said: The two countries can increase their level of trade and transit cooperation through the North-South corridor, and we want to take steps in this direction.

In transit of goods to our neighboring countries, we have implemented the e-TIR project with Azerbaijan and Turkey, and we are ready to implement this project with Georgia as well, the Head of Iran's Customs stated.

Mirashrafi also pointed to the electronic exchange of information and said: We are ready to sign a memorandum of understanding on electronic exchange of information with Georgia.

He described the interim agreement on the establishment of a free trade zone with the Eurasian Economic Union as one of the advantages of developing trade between the two countries, saying: Georgia can be one of the gateways for Iranian goods to Europe, and in this regard, we want to expand customs cooperation with Tbilisi.

Mirashrafi called the current level of trade and transit relations between the two countries insufficient and unacceptable, and stressed the need to increase efforts to promote trade and transit exchanges between the two countries.

Improving the level of customs education by signing a memorandum of understanding between the two countries' customs was another issue raised by the Head of Iran's customs, which was approved by the Georgia and it was decided to conduct the necessary studies in this regard.

Mamuka Jangulashvili, Head of Georgia's Customs, noted the historical background and commonalities of the two countries, and expressed interest in increasing trade and customs cooperation, especially in the framework of the interim free trade agreement between Iran and the Eurasian Union.

He also welcomed the offer of his Iranian counterpart to take advantage of the North-South corridor, calling it a good opportunity.

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