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  • Date : Tue Jun 16, 2020
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Iran, Afghanistan discuss ways to enhance trade, customs and transit cooperation
In a meeting with the Head of Iran Customs Administration, the Afghan Ambassador to Tehran expressed his country's readiness to enhance trade, customs and transit cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Mehdi Mirashrafi, Head of Iran Customs Administration, said in a meeting with Abdul Ghafoor Liwal, Afghanistan's Ambassador to Iran: The two countries have a lot in common, and these commonalities lead to an increase in the level of trade and transit of goods through Iran.

Due to the necessary infrastructure in the Chabahar region, we can cooperate in the field of transit of goods to India and vice versa, he added.

Pointing to the existing capacities in the border customs of Iran and Afghanistan, the head of Iran Customs Administration said: If the roads under construction in Farah province of Afghanistan (bordering Mahirud customs) are completed more quickly, the volume of trade between the two countries will increase significantly.

Mirashrafi also referred to the activities of border markets between the two countries and said: The opening of official markets that have the legal approval of the two countries will increase trade and better access of border residents to the required goods.

The head of Iran Customs Administration stressed that the structures in the border customs should be developed and strengthened, which could help improve and expand trade between the two countries.

Mirashrafi further pointed to the completion of the construction of the second Milk-Zaranj bridge in the border of the two countries, and Abdul Ghafoor Liwal promised to cooperate in this regard.

Abdul Ghafoor Liwal, Afghanistan's ambassador to Tehran, announced his readiness to implement joint projects and signed documents between the two countries' customs offices, which were proposed by Iran's customs months ago, and said: We strongly believe in the importance of this action and its role in improving customs cooperation, and we hope that the plan will be implemented as soon as possible.

He also spoke about the activity of border markets between the two countries, saying: With the legalization of these activities, the existing problems will be solved.

We appreciate all the Iranian organizations and officials who cooperated and assisted in the transfer of goods donated by India to Afghanistan through the Chabahar port customs, the Afghan Ambassador to Tehran added.

During the meeting, Iran and Afghanistan decided to hold expert and specialized meetings with the presence of experts from both countries at the Iranian Customs Transit Office to take necessary measures to facilitate and accelerate the transit of Shahid Rajaei and Chabahar customs to Afghanistan. It was also decided to follow all the issues raised in this meeting according to a specific schedule.

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