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  • Date : Sat Jun 20, 2020
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The insurance industry must grow in proportion to the country's capacities
Soleimani, President of Central Insurance of Iran, says that facilitating the provision of insurance services and reducing the process of issuing insurance policies and paying damages are among the most important components of the growth of the insurance industry.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Gholamreza Soleimani, who spoke at the opening ceremony of the branch of the Physical Injuries Insurance Fund in Zanjan province, said: Increasing the level of insurance penetration rate is one of the important indicators of the country's development, which can be achieved by making appropriate measures and making smart decisions.

The President of Central Insurance mentioned third-party insurance as a proud showcase for the insurance industry and said: Insurance companies should pay attention to this issue and seek to lay the groundwork for the growth of other insurance fields in the country.

He stated that the reduction of government concerns and the burden of government financial obligations are among the main reasons and components of the formation of the insurance industry and said: The insurance industry has shown an important part of its capabilities during the sanctions period, due to the presence of innovative forces in this field, the level of national cohesion has also increased.

Soleimani described Zanjan province as having significant potential in terms of industry and agriculture and said: Serving the great nation of Iran needs special delicacies and the insurance industry, along with all provincial officials, will seize this valuable opportunity more than before.

In another part of his speech, the head of the Supreme Insurance Council called for a focus on life insurance and stressed: One of the effective factors in increasing the penetration rate of insurance is life insurance, because along with proper advertising, effective cultural measures must be institutionalized in society.

He described the reorganization of 9 million uninsured motorcycles as a national duty, adding that insuring more than 23 million vehicles in the country was a great achievement and that it would be possible to complete the operation with macro-planning and at the highest decision-making levels in the country.

In the end, he mentioned the elimination of printed insurance policies within the sales network as one of the effective insurance services regarding the reduction of traffic and also the health of the insurance system and said: Providing unconditional, fast and accurate service is at the forefront of insurance policies, and we will continue to work to facilitate and accelerate insurance services.

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